Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What do I do incase it rains on the time of my rental?
A.In most cases during a light rainstorm (drizzle), the unit will continue to function normally. In severe cases of lightning and thunderstorms with heavy rain, the unit must be evacuated and the units blower(s) must be switched off and unplugged from its main power source at the head of the power cord. Water sources should be turned off as well (if equipped). Once the storm has passed you can switch the blower back on, turn on water sources (if equipped) and resume play. You may need to lift and drain water from the tops of bounce castles in order for them to become fully erect again.
Q.What if I step away from the unit?
A.All units should be attended by an adult at all times during use. In the case of no-one using the unit for an extended period of time, the unit must be evacuated, water sources turned off (if equipped) and blower(s) switched off to let the unit deflate. Once you're ready to use the unit again, you can switch on the blower(s) until fully inflated and then water sources turned back on (if equipped) and play can resume.
Q.When will my unit be picked up/dropped off?
A.The delivery crew will advise of pickup/drop off times. We usually drop the unit off early before allotted times, and may pick the unit up at any reasonable time after your allotted rental time. Again we will keep in contact with the provided phone number to communicate delivery and pickup times. We will notify ahead of time if the unit cannot be picked up until the next day.
Q.How many kids can play on my inflatable at one time?
A.This can vary unit to unit, most units have a weight limit and rules located on the side of the unit on the warnings and instructions label.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 904-337-0390

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